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Being single on Valentine’s Day is the best there is. However, it can be a little hard to see any couples clinging to each other but at the same time are singles fully celebrate and do exactly as they please. It does not matter if you are single or with your love on the big day, you can still have a fantastic #dag! We list the Valentine hints of things you can decide all by yourself if you want to do on Valentine’s Day or not! Take advantage of this day of love!

1. Go to the movies
Bring your other single friends for an evening at the cinema. Be sure to choose something that is not romantic, no goofy “chick flick” as Notebook. Charge with a large serving of popcorn.

2. Have an anti-Valentine’s Day party
run by a “love hurts” team and use black decoration. No flowers, no cards and no light … just good food, good friends and good drinks.

3. Treat yourself to a Spa Day
Get a massage, a facial or a pedicure – alone or with friends
Makes you feel special and pampered!

4. Embark on a little trip of the day
Plan a special day for a special place that you’ve always wanted to visit. It could be a cruise or something simple like a day trip – enjoy being able to do something that only you and only you want to do.

5. Have a matkväll
Go to a luxury restaurant with other single friends. Treat yourself to a special place and order a delicious dessert – you do not have to share with anyone else.

6. Stay home
Stay home for the evening to avoid seeing any couple who crowd into the restaurants. Rent a movie, popcorn and remind yourself that it’s best to be single – you get the whole couch for yourself!

7. Have fun with the family
Do you have nieces or nephews? Where the cool aunt / aunt and Volunteer to babysit. Take the kids to an indoor playground and then go out to eat junk food their parents would never allow it. They will love you forever!

8. Dress for Success
Put on your sexiest outfit and get out to a hot new bar or club. Challenge yourself by starting a conversation with five guys, you never would usually approach you otherwise. Take your chance, you may be introduced to someone fantastic.

9. Buy yourself a great Valentine’s Day gift
Take the money you might have spent on a partner and treat yourself fabulously instead.

10. Prepare good food
Plan a great dinner with single friends and spend the day shopping and cooking. Sometimes, shopping and good food to be the best therapy.