For all the singles out there; Congratulations! You’ve almost managed to survive all the holidays without a match at your side. Soon, you will not have any talk about why you’re single “well done”! Celebrate the New Year as the single is also the best in my humble opinion. Here are some reasons to ring in the new year in the best way as a single.

1. “New Year” is equal to “party”. And no one knows better how to partying as a single person, am I right? Live up to expectations.

2. When you are in a relationship, would inevitably one person stay inside and drink wine while the other partner may want to ring in the new year there, eventually it will be one of the partners reluctantly have to compromise on someone’s floor. If you do not have to compromise and you can do whatever you want! You can stay at home. You can go out. You can do two things (I recommend a little siesta between the two things, however.;))

3. You’re the boss on this day! You can be spontaneous. It’s very cool to dress up, go out and ring in the new year with a bunch of strangers. One of the aliens could be your future husband, new boyfriend or expand only your network. Dictate the evening and bring your friends!

4. Or, hey, why not be cynical for the night and turn a new leaf in the morning. Sometimes it has been a bad day, bad semester or year (or relationship), and you only need a day off from being the “happy single person” – even if obviously it is 99% of the remaining time. Take a break, no one will judge you.

5. Chances are, you will spend the night with… some lucky person. And since it’s the end of the holiday season, this is the ultimate time when everyone is super happy. It’s the perfect time to mingle and celebrate. Open the cap to the champagne! Bowl!

6. Keep this in mind, the one who spent the New Year in the wrong company has experienced that strange, imminent feeling of “fear” that led to the ball falls. But for you, it will not do it. You can go ahead and embrace all the possibilities.

7. If you are single, you can avoid the press this weekend. When you are in a relationship, expectations are high. Sometimes people expect the rings, marriage proposals and declarations of love. (Spoiler Warning: this happens not reality.)

8. At midnight, you can kiss just anyone you want, your best friend, your cat or a handsome guy at the party who you just met an hour earlier (or all of the above).

Happy New Year!