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Planning the perfect party requires some important details like food, decorations, and last but not least a unicorn cake .

You could have any color you prefer because most unicorn-parties have all the colors of the rainbow. Choose whatever combination you prefer. For the EPIC celebration, I would add lot of glitter.

Unicorns represents love, joy and a little magic. Having a unicorn party gives us the chance to bring out the inner child in ourselves and just have fun. Enjoy the magic unicorn theme creates.

The list contains recipes, decorations and other goodies. Choose your favorites and make your own magical unicorn party.


1. Magic Unicorn cake

“A party without cake is just a meeting” – Julia Child.

Although it is not a birthday party raises a cake definitely the mood at a party. Here is a simple recipe for professional bakers succeed in the trendy unicorn cake .

2. Colored popcorn

I love popcorn at parties, especially popcorn with different flavors and colors can be matched. The party will be fun and whimsical, especially at a party with a unicorn theme. See how to make colorful popcorn here.

3. Pink meringues

Pink unicorn meringues are ideal for unicorn party. Meringues are super easy to do and so much fun for children. Kids will laugh throughout baking. See recipe on pink meringues here.

4. Unicorn hairband

The great enhörningshårbanden is how easy they are to make. Each accessories headband can be purchased at hobby stores. Get inspiration on how a unicorn hair band made here.

5. party decorations

How hot is this glittery balloons ?! Perfect decorations for the party. Available at Kalas king here.

6. Unicorn Pina

unicorn, pink pinata

Playing with piñata is the most fun game for kids. The game adds a little extra to the party. Buy here.

7. Fishing Unicorn bags

Unicorn bag

Let the kids fish up unicorn bag of goodies. Buy unicorn bag here and get more inspiration for the party.

8. Pink juice / drink

Juice with color as a pink dream. Why not add something healthy to the party? Makes a health drink with raspberry, mint and orange. See the recipe here.

9. Enhörningsslime

Slime is the new trend. Kids love it. Making slime from the ground up is super easy.

10. Soft cookies Unicorn

Another simple dessert is soft unicorn cakes. A soft and colorful sugar cookie. It is super easy and tasty.

11. Enhorning Muffins

These muffins are super sweet. They complement the magical effect on the party. Dessert table will be super fine and full of mini-unicorns. See recipe here.

Table 12. Dessert

Make a dessert table, where you can set up all the wonderful unicorn things like cake, cupcakes and cakes.

13. Enhörningsmacaorns

Macarons are a simple French cake that is light and airy. To make them unicorns are a must.

14. Enhorning Chocolate

Unicorn Chocolate is the easiest dessert you can do. You just melt the chocolate and (other colored chocolates) and put them on parchment paper. Use a diluted and mix colors. Sprinkle with sprinkles and glitter before the chocolate melts. Then share the chocolate into different pieces and serve.