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Unicorn Party

Organize a stunning  unicorn party  with decorations,rainbow cake , hats and other magical unicorn things. When it comes to celebrations and parties, who do not like the extra mile of magic and fantasy? Whether you are planning a birthday party or just a friendly invitation to family and friends, we have the recipes for a successful magical experience. Go the extra mile for the mood of unicorn things unicorn balloons, wall decals, unicorn cake or even a pink unicorn piñata. We list all of the tables serving as plates, napkins and glasses for guests for the magical party. Why not put on magical fantasy background music during the party. We recommend Disney. There is no better way to celebrate the best animal in the world, unicorn.

Unicorn Celebration

Unicorn is not a new phenomenon but it has definitely become more popular over the past year. In most stores you will find the unicorn things . Everything from blocks unicorn to unicorn balloons. The unicorn is a magical horse with horns on his forehead. The new unicorn-sagas, it is said that they poop rainbows and eat glitter.


Surprise your family and friends

Children love unicorns and the fabulous, magical world of unicorns live. There are lot of creative options for a successful unicorn-party. The need was not expensive. You can save money on doing a lot of the decorations yourself with a suggestion paper or newspaper. There are several shops selling everything you need for a complete unicorn party. Surprise family and friends with a magical unicorn party. 

More about the unicorn trend

Year 2017 started the great unicorn trend in the United States and has since spread like wildfire. First it was the unicorn-slime that took over the market. Shimmering colorful slime lumps. Their purpose? Unclear, but to play with them, hold them in your hands and stretch them. The glittering gums took over internet and children’s playground. The peak of popularity was reached when Starbucks began offering unicorn coffee.

Shortly after the mucus was the food. Unicorn cupcakes, donuts, ice lollies and anything else in all colors of the rainbow. In 2018, it was extraordinary popular with unicorn party. Several famous people have through social media proved that they had a party with a unicorn theme. Kardashian is one of the biggest profiles on social media via Instagram published several images via their social media channels with unicorn party.

The trend is spreading and creating joy and magic to all, and especially in your home.  


Unicorns, nostalgia

It is no coincidence that unicorns are back and gaining in popularity. Unicorns attract millennials who associate unicorns of childhood nostalgia. Harry Potter, Legend and Lord of the Rings are a few films that make Millenials nostalgic. Read more about Unicorn and its history here. 

The beauty of unicorns




Tom Cruise, please kiss me.