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I recently read a very interesting article on why successful people in the workplace do not have as much success in love life. The article is very timely and can make you think about life for success in both work life and love life. The article is published by the Huffington Post and is written by Linnea Molander, dating coach.

How is it that a wonderful person who accomplished much in his life find it easier to be successful at work but find it difficult to attract a good partner?

The answer to this question is very simple. Jobs and love are two different things. There are two different skills that require as much time and energy to succeed. It usually starts at an early age that you are the “good” and “nice” person who is aware of others’ needs and feelings. In school, it continues on the same track and doing what is expected. During this period targeted in life with expectations and goals forgotten something away. You forgot your needs, your will and your feelings.

What you really needed was forgotten.

You never got the time to understand who you wanted to be, nor how it is to be loved for who you are, instead, you learned to be loved for what you did. if you were working with Business Development you related yourself to it. You forgot your dreams because you are always focused on the expectations that came from the other. What was inside you forgotten because you focused so much on external influences.

Like many others, you give up and focus on that which one is better, the labor market in this case. Ignored the part of life that underperformed. The tracks were deeper and it’s hard to get out of the bad habits. The job takes up a lot of time but you finally realize that there is something missing. No one had told me about it, she did not know, love. No one had told us that flirting, dating, creating an attraction and to have a loving relationship was a skills and knowledge that you could learn, just like anything else in life that you had learned to master.

By focusing more on yourself and understand yourself better, your values ​​and your needs, you can get to know yourself and your emotions better, and after taking the step to dating and meet a compatible partner. It may not be the easiest thing you do, go out of your safe zone but it is clearly fulfilling and rewarding.

A simple answer to why there are singles there is lack of knowledge. By filling the lack of knowledge with love, you can get full control over your entire life. Once you’ve got full control over your life, you start dating and feel comfortable with it.